Emergency Ukraine Fund

Donate directly to helpers on the Ukrainian border.

We are currently collaborating with a range of artists who are kindly donating their work to us. Amongst them: Quentin Jones, Annie Powers and Jack Davison. If you like to buy an art piece and support us that way click here to see gallery

Alex Brodski, alongside a team of collaborators, is working directly with a number of people across Ukraine to send trucks with medicines and food over the border and arrange accommodation and transport in Poland and Germany for refugees.

In the chaos and terror of what’s unfolding, there are always gaps in what neighbouring countries and larger charities can do to help, which is why Alex + team are doing this.

To try and understand what’s really needed, they’re constantly in dialogue with a network of families and friends within the Ukraine and bordering countries, and adapting what they do in response to what they learn.

Time is of the essence and Alex is working round the clock to help as many people as she can. The money you’re able to donate is guaranteed to go directly to action happening right now.

You can track what is happening with the donations and receive all Updates on Alexandra's Instagram

All donations are running in collaboration and with the support of Johanniter Hilfsgemeinschaft Düsseldorf, the international humanitarian charity based in Germany.

Donation Details

CHARITY NAME: Johanniter Hilfsgemeinschaft Düsseldorf

IBAN: DE80 3506 0190 1013 5110 19



(Bank für Kirche und Diakonie, Dortmund)

If you need official letter/receipt for your donation you can email Alex Brodski and she will provide you with one.

In Germany you do not need an official letter to claim tax relief if you donate less than 200 €.